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Domestic first-rate straight knife, extra small relatively easy to carry, the weight is more reasonable to fit in more delicate do manual work is real! This kind of fine imitation three beautiful warrior will taste the original scabbard head layer cowhide original COPY, closer to the original article, the three beautiful katana temperament is more appropriate. Dental laboratories into good dao, Japanese dao in shape and length, divided into too knife, knife, poor threats and knife. Too knife and play knife in more than 60 cm long, the heian era (12th century) early end to the muromachi period, the popular wear too knife in the right away or ceremonial ceremony; Mid muromachi period (after the 15th century and a half) to the late edo period (the middle of the 19th century), began to use a knife, knife between 30 and 60 cm long is called 'threat is poor; Under 30 cm as the knife. Achievement needs a good knife after continuous smelting: fold, hammering it repeatedly heated to high temperature, especially for the more established sharp blade, still need to use two or more steel, and temper as sharp as a razor, and so on, then make the samurai sword forging become one of Japan's technology acme represents. Class type: warrior knife Full length: 25 cm Blade length: 12 cm Blade thickness: 3 mm Weight: 280 g Blade material: AUS 8 a Hard degree: 58 HRC Table surface: polished Handle material: rubber and plastic The scabbard: K sheath